my tarot menú

i know my readings don't look like the usual tarot reader services.
i created my own unique readings over the years,
enriching them with my passion for mythology, fairytales & all literature
i learned that many of these stories are helpful to familiarize you with the wisdom held by the 78 cards.
instead of just getting your cards read you additionally get a story that is important for your path.
all made and delivered to you with my highest love & sensibility.

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who is your tarot reader?

& how does she feel about tarot?

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snail mail reading, 30$
Your reading on any topic or question will be written by hand and sent to you via snail mail together with the significator card the tarot deck chose for you so you can hold the card in your own hands and keep it forever

love reading, 15$
A reading that can answer you a specific question of yours or / and give you an overview of your love life. Please specify which option you’d like.

relationship mirror, 15$
Do you feel as if your partner is forgetting you or are you two the “milkshake and two straws kind of love”? This reading is a health checkup for any relationship.

fairytale wisdom,20$
The cards will choose a fairytale story to represent your situation and guide you. You will receive a picture of the cards & an audio file explaining why the fairytale relates to you and how it’ll aid you. Recommended for: Inner Child and Love questions.

mythology enlightenment,20$
The cards will choose a story & character from Greek mythology to represent your situation and guide you. You will receive a picture of the cards & an audio file explaining how the myth relates to your life and how it’ll aid you. Recommended for: Lifepath
wonderland (inner child),15$
This reading is honey for the wounds of our Inner Child. (and yes! we will be using an Alice-themed tarot deck)

your inner garden, 15$

the torch, 15$
Go deeper, not wider. Recommended for: Life path

jungian shadow,20$

one question, 15$
Any question on any topic (besides medical or legal). This reading has the fastest response time with anywhere between 30 minutes to 12 hours.

30 min skype session, 40$
Shy? No problem, don’t use your camera and only watch me while i listen and answer your questions.


a photo of your cards drawn in the reading and a downloadable audio or video file of the reading that will provide clarity for the outcome of the future, recommended actions and spirits’ message for you.

🍃OPTIONAL🍃add lenormand card reading for a more specific divinatory reading (+2$) or add oracle cards for additional guidance (+1$)🌿

• Please share any information you consider important about yourself, your situation and/or partner.
The only necessary information i ask for is first names and zodiacs of the persons concerned. I like to be respectful of pronouns, please let me know yours and/or your partner’s pronouns.
• I don’t answer legal or medical related questions (please do not substitute a tarot reading for medical, financial or legal advice!)
I treasure the cards’ wisdom to guide objectively, not to instruct absolutely. Ultimate decisions must be made by you.
My role is to illuminate the available pathways for you, ultimately empowering you.
All readings are 100% confidential. A reading purchased as a gift will be emailed to that person only.
• I charge by question/selected reading and not by time because I want to ensure you get a full answer that isn’t limited by a specific timeframe.
Skype Session is the only exception to this with unlimited questions you can ask within thirty minutes.

By law, I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. Only the user is responsible for their own choices and decisions, and you should always exercise free will and your best judgment.
I am not licensed medical, legal, or financial professional help. Please always seek the appropriate licensed professional if needed.

PAYMENT currently only via PayPal
Response time: 1-24 hours

simply email me to book a reading